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When I decided to start my photography business, it was a decision of love. Love for the craft, the aesthetics and the versatility of the photographic medium. While I knew from the beginning that travel, fashion, editorial stories as well as female beauty and sensuality are core ingredients of what inspires me as an artist, I realised that I will want to stay open for all there is in photography.

The “other galleries” is my playing field for everything outside my portfolio. Work that can stand alone, but does not necessarily fit into my daily business practice. Some of these other images result from commissioned work, personal art projects or simply attribute to my experiences. I hope you will enjoy the potpourri as much as I do….


I believe no matter where we stand in life we have to be grateful and give back to the world. Unsplash.com is an amazing free of charge stock platform I have used myself multiple times in my professional life. I have made it a habit to contribute a few images of my projects here and there for free. You will find images of my portfolio as well as fashion, life-style, people, food and travel related themes. Go check it out here.


Patreon is a little bit more than just an image gallery. It is a place where creatives can build a community, share their work and als be rewarded by their fans and supporters (“Patron”). It allows me to build a longterm relationship with people interested in my work and products. I use Patreon to share:

  • Behind The Scenes - from my travels, photo shoots, my time with models, team, friends and family.

  • Sensual & Nude - images that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Fine Art Prints - a monthly selection of my best work to hang on your wall.

  • Styles for Capture One - get all my styles for Capture One RAW-converters.

  • Learn from Me (coming soon) - learn how I work, my processes, techniques and get direct access to video tutorials and one-on-one consultations.

  • Elephants Only - Be the first one to know about and support upcoming art projects that otherwise could never be realised. Receive honorable mention as an "Elephant Patron" on every of my Fine Art Projects.

I am looking forward to seeing you on my Patreon account.

Portraits & Reportage

A collection of portraits and reportage images I have shot.