Pricing is pretty tricky when it comes to photography. - There are many variables to take into account: e.g. who is the client, what does he need, what are the production costs involved and how will the client make use of the images. All these variables can not be factored into a day rate and  WE NEED TO TALK!

Photographer DAY RATE

1.200,- Euro + VAT


Yes, I do offer paid model tests. Please check out the "booking" > "model tests" section of this page or simply write me a message to with your requirements and a link to your current online portfolio. I will get back to you with current opportunities and rates.


I occasionally do collaborations with brands & model influencers. A collaboration to my understanding is a project were both parties invest equal time or resources to achieve a shared goal (e.g. publicity, social reach, reference). Please get in contact to discuss your collaboration.


You are looking for a continuous supply of hot images for social media an co? You do not have the time and funds to organise a photo shoot on a monthly basis to create content. - GOOD FOR YOU MAX LIBERTINE IS IS HAVING YOUR BACK AND CREATING CONTENT AROUND THE WORLD DAY IN DAY OUT.

I offer an image subscription model (3, 6, 12 months) to supply you with great content on a monthly basis.

LETS TALK about your needs to SET UP YOUR MONTHLY IMAGE PACKAGE for you!