The "BOHO DAZE" style package for Capture One contains 17 styles. The presets have been developed by fashion and swimwear photographer MAX LIBERTINE for his project "BOHO DAZE" that was shot at some of Cape Town's most beautiful and magical beaches. The styles are great for an environment of white sands, black rocks, turquoise and foamy seas, palm trees and steel blue skies, sceneries tinted in bright sunlight.

The package contains styles to make people look great at the beach as well as to make your landscapes pop.

20 Capture One Styles

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· Cinematic Effects

· Fashion / Lifestyle / Travel

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If you have problems using this Capture One style package please contact denis@maxlibertine.com. We will provide you with a free 15 minutes online one-on-one support session.

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  • Annie 1 | A low contrast filter with bronzed, full mid tones, crispy blue shadows, and subtle blue highlights that soften harsh daylight. The filter provides a warm glow and summery mood.

  • Annie 2 Bright day light filter with bronzed mid tones and high contrast. In combination with lightened and desaturated blues this filter makes up for a dramatic and moody feel.

  • Annie 3 | Filter for rich brown skin tones. It brings out details from the shades and enhances contrast in the high lights and shades. It also makes murky water pop in blue and turquoise shades.

  • Dan 1 | Overall a very warm look. It brings back color and contrast into the shades.

  • Dan 2 | A dramatic, edgy look with lots of contrast. Suited to shoot at bright daylight in the water with a rocky environment. Skin tones are pulled down; shades are lit and the highlights are dimmed to moderate levels.

  • Dan 3 | A style that brings contrast and glow to dark shades of back lit shots.

  • Sannon 1 | A soft and warm look for overcast days. It enhances blue and turquoise, while still desaturating the greens.

  • Sannon 2 | A very elegant and summary warm look that highlights light skin tones and white sands. Blue, saturated shades and magenta mid tones with a little pink kick provide a dreamy fashionable vibe.

  • Denni 1 | A very warm summer look with purple shades and desaturated greens that blend into the blue spectrum.

  • Denni 2 | Very stylish high fashion look that brings up the light blue tones in the water and desaturates the green spectrum.

  • Getriin 1 | Warm summer look with blueish greens, rich in contrast and with dimmed highlights. This style is perfect to shoot light colored clothes in bright daylight.

  • Getriin 2 | A warm, slightly metallic look that softens harsh daylight, and brings out the shaded areas of the image.

  • Getriin 3 | This metallic look, with warm highlights and mid-tones, softens harsh daylight and brings out the shaded areas of the image.

  • Getriin 4 | A very stylish and cool look with punchy contrast. It desaturates the green to purple spectrum.

  • Getriin 5  | Like with Getriin 4, this look is less desaturated in the purple spectrum, and brings up the brightness, all while keeping the darkest areas of the image dark.

  • Getriin 6  | Another high fashion filter for the beach. Turquoise water will pop against white sands.

  • Getriin 7  | high contrast black & white filter

  • Chapmans Peak Drive 1 | A fresh, high contrast landscape look, with clear blue and green tones.

  • Chapmans Peak Drive 2 | Dramatic landscape look for cliffs with foaming deep blue seas. Darkens the water, brings out rock structures, darkens earth tones and desaturates greens.

  • Noordhoek Beach | Look for the perfect beach. White sands, turquoise and blue waters and rich, fresh greens.