What is a Brand Experience?

A Brand Experience is a ready to execute visual concept and photo production for fashion, swimwear and lingerie brands, created and developed by photographer MAX LIBERTINE.

What is UNIQUe?

  • Fresh always - we venture into new territories and create unique, wildly vivid, timeless and divine looking imagery to market your garments on the global market!
  • People first - we believe products should serve people and enhance their life experience. That's why in our images we totally focus people and how they naturally use, enjoy and interact with your product!
  • Authentic imagery - we create what feels true in our hearts and deliver what we believe to be the best possible  experience of your brand. We don t pose, we don t dress up, we don t pretend and we do not create artificial personalities and body images. We inspire a brand life style by passionately living in the moment, experiencing and expressing ourself! 
  • Social Impact - we live and breathe Social Media and work with the most sought after models and social influencers in their field. So your campaign will be transported by word of mouth through out the internet.
  • Peace of mind - simply choose your package and send merchandise. WE TAKE CARE OF THE REST!


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