Dr. Denis Jung, a.k.a MAX LIBERTINE is an international swimwear, lingerie and travel photographer based in Dresden, Germany. His work focuses on capturing:


No matter the project – working on a look book or an editorial – the people in his images are the core of his composition.

“I want people to be authentic, feel comfortable and be free in their expression. I refuse working with poses and common clichés. I build on intuition and personality which are unique for every being. Only true self can develop strength and make a difference in this world”, he says.

MAX works with small teams to be able to completely focus on the model and let things unfold intuitively. When working in small teams, everyone counts, the atmosphere is private and trust can build and grow easily.

Because intuition and finding a natural flow is key for MAX’s work he relies on available light exclusively. – “Every bit of equipment not needed for a shot would only disturb the connection between model and photographer. I reduce myself to the bare minimum and optimise their use” he explains.

REAL EXPERIENCES OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, BEACH & TRAVEL ADVENTURES – TO INSPIRE OTHERS TO LIVE THEIR DREAMS“ is what motivates MAX LIBERTINE to push forward in his photography and set the bar higher with every photo session.

This said explains well why MAX prefers to do his own photographic projects and invite selected brands to follow along within his framework that is built around unique experiences in some of the most compelling places around the world.