MAX LIBERTINE (a.k.a Dr. Denis Jung) is a swimwear, lingerie and lifestyle photographer based in Dresden, Germany.

Trained as an engineer and having grown into a seasoned entrepreneur, he decided to turn his passion photography into a full time photography business in April 2017. Motived by his curiosity and love for travel, the ocean, female beauty and experiencing moments of freedom and adventure while discovering new places and people around the world, he found his calling as a swimwear & lingerie photographer.

Max’s artistic work is dedicated to stories of travel adventures, self-discovery and –awareness, and admitting to a sensual existence. Max is a believer in available light photography and working with a small and trusted crew, to create intimate and authentic images that draw the attention to his protagonists. With his swimwear and lingerie work he creates and supports images of strong, independent and confident women. While joyfully celebrating female beauty and sensuality, he advocates an authentic body images and clearly distances himself from unrealistic digital body alterations and objectifying women.

With Brand Experiences Max is providing all- inclusive photo productions for the swimwear and lingerie industry. These include image concept, art direction, model booking and full service image production. Build as a subscription model, the Brand Experiences cater to the ever growing need for consistent, inspiring, branded social media content, with image production processes, that are effective and efficient in terms of time and budget.

To take a look behind the scenes of Max’s photography business, we would like to refer to this interview recently conducted by photography sourcing platform Cherrydeck.

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